SANATO has had a very busy and important year. Having always been a loose, informal committee that gathers on a regular basis to connect and discuss the goings on in the Arts Therapies community, it was suggested by the HPCSA board that SANATO think about coming together in a more formal capacity to voice the needs and concerns that pertain to the HPCSA boards mandate (which specifically relate to regulation), and the professions (which relate to advocacy, professional identity etc).

The ‘acting’ committee, along with a few key stakeholders had a strategy meeting in May this year to discuss the responsibility we have as a community of Arts Therapists to formalise SANATO as a formal body, that can take care of the needs of the community and any issues that might affect our ability to practice; including ethical issues, legal issues, lobbying, networking, trainings etc. and to be able to make informed decisions and act on behalf of and in the best interest of our community in light of these. The consensus was that we move towards this formalisation.

A number of different task teams have been set up within the ‘acting’ SANATO committee to begin working towards this. There is a proposed set of portfolios that will be agreed and voted upon at the planned AGM for early next year, where we will also elect leadership assigned to the different proposed roles and portfolios. There have been regional meetings in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Eastern Cape as a way to start mobilising our resources and gain some momentum in rallying the community and to stress the need and importance of this fomalisation. Alongside this, the ‘acting’ committee continues to function with the various on-going document revisions and issues within the community.

This is an exciting time for the SANATO community as we begin to bring our collective efforts to an organisational conclusion that we can be proud of and that will serve our community well.

Kate Dodd
SANATO Representative