MT in SA

Music Therapy is an established health care profession registered with the HPCSA (Health Professionals Council of South Africa). A music therapist utilizes clinically informed music-based interventions to form a therapeutic relationship with an individual client or group that serves to optimize their quality of life. (In other words the client and therapist might create music together or listen to and discuss music to get to know one another and create the most helpful course of therapy.) Music Therapy is used in medical, educational, rehabilitative and everyday environments to address physical, emotional, cognitive, communicative, spiritual and social needs of individuals, groups and communities.

South Africa has a unique and diverse musical background, and music forms an integral part of customs, rituals, healing and everyday life. Music Therapy is a relatively new profession in South Africa, fueled by passionate music therapists who tap into this vibrant musical culture, offering a distinctive practice relevant to this context.

For more information, you can purchase a copy of the following published book: Taking Music Seriously: Stories from South African Music Therapy by e-mailing Alternatively, you can search the website of the journal Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy  for articles written by South African music therapists.