MT contexts


Music Therapy may be applied in various contexts, such as:

• Educational settings:

Mainstream and special needs schools, hospital educational programs, and business and adult educational programs.

• As part of a healthcare team:

Paediatric and adult clinics, hospitals, geriatric care units, chronic and terminal mental health institutions, ante- and post- natal clinics, and hospices.

• Rehabilitation settings for:

Physical and neurological injuries, mental illness, emotional trauma, and drug and alcohol addiction/problems.

• Correctional services:

Working with prisoners prior to being released – individually and in groups.

• Communication disorders:

Language delays, mutism, hearing impairments, and aphasia.

• Community work:

Youth development programs, programs for disadvantaged children and adults, places of safety, family counseling, community day care centers for children and the elderly, and in HIV/AIDS counseling centers.

• Long-term and palliative care:

In residential and day-care settings utilising short and long term therapeutic programs.

• Private practice:

Individually or as part of a multidisciplinary team, as part of a team of Arts Therapists.