Hello from Angola!

By Tanya Brown

Currently, my family and I are living the Angolan Adventure in the coastal town of Benguela (the Durban to SA’s Joburg). We’ve been here, on and off (visas permitting) since January 2016, with a short ‘sabbatical’ in SA when Jacob was born, and a couple of trips back to SA in between. It has been, all at once, a: challenging, character building, culturally eye-opening, beautiful and incredibly special time for our little family of four.

My career as a Music Therapist has been seasonally put on ‘hold’ since moving here although i have so enjoyed joining in on supervision sessions via Skype with old and new colleagues from SA. Hearing about the ground breaking work that you all engage in on a daily basis is a constant source of encouragement (and, sometimes jealousy) for me.

I tried my hand at a few ‘music appreciation’ classes at my eldest son, Luke’s, school this year, which was an interesting and enriching experience. Schooling is given in Portuguese, so i was stretched in that area too, as well as trying to navigate the cultural group dynamics of how they operate here. I tried to bring something new and interesting to the table, while also consciously choosing to open up my music to theirs and learn what i can while immersed in this environment. School is nearly done for the year, so we’ll see what next year holds.

We are not sure how much longer our term here in Angola will be, but while we’re at it, we’ll try to make the most of the tropical beach time, zero winter and eat all the mangoes we can get our hands on:)