Vision and Mission


Promote and support the Music Therapy profession in South Africa.



SAMTA is committed to:

  • Supporting practitioners in the field of Music Therapy by providing a platform and resource to:
    • Network, connect, and share experiences with other Music- and / or Arts Therapists;
    • Be alerted about and gain access to forums which provide professional guidance, continued education, support and information (i.e. Peer supervision, Improvisation groups, Ethics, and CPD events);
    • Remain informed about professional requirements of practice.
  • Advocating, marketing, and advancing public awareness of Music Therapy in South Africa.
  • Providing access to quality, professionally administered Music Therapy services from clinically trained, qualified, and registered music therapists in order to meet the needs of the South African community.
  • Upholding a standard of excellence within the Music Therapy profession in South Africa.